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Don’t we wish to retain a souvenir that reminds us of some treasured memory from past? Yes, as belonging to the digital era, it is quite possible to retain the things we’ve lost. But in this case, we talk about data. Pictures and videos in the digital format are often …

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Creating an error-free and easy to understand content is daunting of a task. Additionally, the typos and grammatical mistakes can create quite an embarrassment for anyone involved in professional writing or even for a student submitting his/her school essays and assignments. Besides, finding a reliable and cost-effective human proofreader can …

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Complete Guide To Garageband For Windows And Mac

When the first iMac was built, Garageband was introduced as part of the free software that comes pre-installed. By positioning itself as part of fellow iLife apps like now-defunct – iPhoto and iMovie, Apple intended to have music making into something that is both easy and accessible to everyone just …

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How To Root Your Android Device Using KingRoot

Want to get the best out of your smartphone? Rooting your phone can get you the results. Also, give you unparalleled access to your device. It also unlocks a lot of customisation options that are not available by default. There are numerous ways to root your Android device. However, most …

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5 Things You Need To Know About the Hyperloop

The transportation sector has seen a paradigm shift in the past few decades with the advent of new technologies. High-speed travel, in particular, has set into motion multi-million projects exemplified by magnetic levitation (Mag-lev) trains and supersonic passenger airliner (Concorde). However promising they might sound, these projects were scrapped owing …

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