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Awesome Smart Wallet You Should Have in 2019

We have used our wallet to store cash and other important things like credits cards, driving license, ID etc. What if one day, you realize that you have lost your wallet while commuting your way to work?

You can conform to the loss of cash, however, the loss of other important things in your wallet can leave you in a wreck. Now, suppose you have a tracker in your wallet which can show the concurrent location of your wallet at any time through your smartphone. In all actuality, it makes it less cumbersome for you and the police to search for your wallet.

I’ll be presenting to you, the best smart wallets with state-of-the-art technology which can help you keep the contents of your wallet safe.



Woolet is a smart wallet which connects to a mobile app that helps you keep track of it. Giving you alerts when you get too far from your wallet and showing you a map of your wallet’s location. 

Woolet smart wallets also possess an alarm feature which aids easy location of a misplaced wallet. Woolet uses a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that you only need to recharge every few months.

Check out their official website.


Ekster is an advanced technology infused wallet which, with its unique design prevents it from slipping from your pocket and allows cash storage in an efficient manner. This wallets also allows you to access your cards in an easier manner by using a spring mechanism.

Eskter is incorporated with an advanced tracking app that avoids losing your wallet by assigning a minimum distance between you and the wallet. Going beyond the assigned distance will send alerts on your phone. Its ultra slim design makes you convenient with the load. It also protects your wallet from the external threat using NFC blocking features. Here’s the official website for it.


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Cryptosteel is an indestructible private cold storage wallet that allows you to keep all your personal things more safely. This wallet has been developed after the complete research about how people keep their things in the wallet.

It has been found that one cannot completely rely on electronic devices to keep all their private pieces of information safe.

The wallet’s container consists of 96 characters both uppercase and lowercase which allow the user to store passwords of all kind and the other secret information. Check out their official pageCRYPTOSTEEL smart wallet


You might have all used the leather wallets to keep your money and your other personal pieces of information.

In the initial run this wallet is good but as the days pass the wallet is torn out thus making it look odd. So, here is this wallet which is known to be the most beautiful minimalist wallet ever made.

However the task was not easy to create such a superior wallet, but after the continuous efforts of all the team members, the project was finally completed.

The wallet is designed with PVD coatings that provide extremely high resistant scratching finish. It is fitted with a low friction strap that avoids the wallet sticking onto the clothes.

It also allows you to hold credit cards, money in a much more efficient way as compared to the leather wallets. Check out their more details on their page where they started their journey.


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Craftwallet is developed with an advanced feature of giving out all your cards in your wallet on a single press. The sliding feature of this wallet allows you to slide out all your cards which come in pairs so that you can easily get the required one.

The wallet can hold a maximum of 7 cards, but it is always safer to keep a single card. The wallet is not only for cards but also for the coins and the bills which can be put in the small pocket inside it. Now, it’s time to forget about the bulky wallets and move on to the lighter and the beautiful one. Check out their official website for more details

CRAFT money and card WALLET


A wallet and a bottle opener? Yes, you read that right. With its sleek and slim design, This wallet is one of the thinnest and the most beautiful minimalist wallet.

This wallet is one of the thinnest and the most beautiful minimalist wallet. After the continuous efforts, the wallet was developed and is so thin that it is virtually invisible. It has been developed by the two brothers, Josh Barclay and Caleb Barclay. The wallet can comfortably fit more than ten cards and is non-magnetic, Anti-theft, scratch and rust proof. You can check out more details on their website.


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Well, this is the wallet that you might be looking for. The wallet is developed with so many advanced features that one can’t overlook it. This company emphasized the design of the wallet, by making it scratch and rust resistant that makes it look lustrous.

It allows you to conveniently pay using chips without removing your debit cards from your beautiful wallet. So, if you are looking for the best-designed wallet, then it would be best for you. You can check out their official website: ibricraft.com



It sure can be an embarrassing situation when you go out to dine and realize that you forgot to carry your wallet, leaving you penny-less.  

This wallet will ensure that you will always carry it whenever you go out through alerts on your mobile. It works the other way around by utilizing the sensors on your wallet that alerts you to carry your mobile phone.

To know more about the wallet, check out their official website.


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Q1. What are the top problems that mobile wallets solve for consumers?

People are always worried about whether they have money in their wallet. Whether they will be able to save the money for the whole month. Physical wallet is getting crowded with loyalty cards.

Q2. What operating systems does the smart wallet app support?

Most of the smart wallets on this list are supported on iOS and Android.

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