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Best Music Production/Editing Software of 2019

In this day and age, the production of the music relies upon the studio software and is generally used by DJs to make their music hit.

DJs make their own music through Digital Audio Workstation and the music production software. The Recording studio software comprises of dynamic tools for the recording, editing and exporting audio for professional use.

Before going to the top music production software we should know about Digital Audio Workstation and how the DJs produce their music through this?

Best Music Recording/Making Software


A Digital Audio Workstation is an electronic device or it can be also considered as computer application software which is designed for editing, recording, mixing and mastering the audio files.

It can be simply considered as a blank sheet of paper on which the artist creates the work of art. Professional artists and even the beginners use Digital Audio Workstation as their main tool to produce the best music.


There are many things which one must have to consider before going to choose the best music production software and here are some of these:-

  1. MUSIC QUALITY: – This is the main criteria that one should consider before choosing any of the software. The quality of the music produced by the software is also a point of attraction for the artists and are greatly influenced by this feature.
  2. PRICE VS. VALUE: – Pricing is of the utmost importance in any business but it cannot be the only factor for purchasing anything. There should be an emphasis on the quality, not on the price of the product. Extensive research has to be done before going about purchasing things.
  3. COMPANY’S AGREEMENT REGARDING THE PRODUCT: – Before purchasing any software one should clearly read the terms of an agreement made by the company for that software. Do not trust the company which doesn’t have confidence in their products and also does not give promises for its success in the future.
  4. REGULAR UPDATION: – The software company regularly updates its customers regarding the Softwares that they have purchased. One should know the detail description of its updating and the changes that have been made out.



Ableton Live is one of the greatest music production software used by the majority of professional artists and even beginners. This software is decorated with awards like DJ Award for DJ Software Performance Tool and DJ Award for Technology.

It is used as a performance tool and also as a special recording program tool.

The very thing which makes it better than any other software is its unique session view which works in a column instead of rows and the audio is inserted into the respective columns.

One of the attractive features of this software is that two different audio when played at different time intervals, the clip sync up with one another and matches up.

The session view of this software allows you to create your own music in a much more attractive way and is also used for live performances. It is due to these features only that it has been most used by the Dj’s and the solo artists. Simply saying it has opened the door to live performances.



The biggest advantage of this software is that one can easily create its own music and due to this feature only it is one of the best software used by the DJs who create heart-pumping music through the session view. The non-linear view of this software allows you to be experimental with your song.


There are a lot of advanced plugins which are missing in this software along with the limit of only 16 audio tracks and the license is bogus.

The image line is one of the leading software company in developing music software. Started in 1994 this company has increased its value in the market by developing the best Softwares.

This software is one of the most powerful editing music software, although the interface is intuitive it is a bit difficult for the beginners.

This music software is available in different versions which offer a variety of features to the users. Version 9 of this software provides support for the multicore instrument processing and the version 10 which came into use on March 29, 2011, includes the project such as fixing bugs and the introduction of a pitcher.

A patch is basically a record of changes that have been made to the resources. The newest version of this software that is version 11 and version 12 offer more advanced features to the users.

Version 11 includes multi-touch support and the coming of new plugins such as BassDrum, GMS, and version 12 has further made the software more advanced by adding multiple features such as the addition of UI design, the update of the plugins, more advanced touch support, and improved file management.

This music software is a collection of a wide variety of sound processing effects which gives the listener a heart pausing experience.



The biggest advantage of this software is that it contains top synths and there is a lifetime update for the newer versions. It is a step sequence which allows you to use your instruments without the use of MIDI keyboards. It comes with advanced plugins which are very good for the beginners and thus one can easily make the entire song.


The biggest advantage of this software is that one can easily make the pirate copy of it thus declining its market value.

The music software is only meant for the professional not for the beginners because of the absence of advanced plugins which enable the artists the user to create the music in a much more efficient way.

It can’t record external instrument and to enable this feature one must update the Signature edition.

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This software is multitrack recording software that is developed by an American Audio Technology company named Cockos.

It is very much efficient and is a multi-compatible music software. Reaper comes up with various audio production effects such as ReaVerb, ReaEQ which gives you a thrilling experience.

The main difference between Reaper and other music production software is that one can dock various of its windows on the bottom Docker area of the main window and can choose through tabs.

Reaper 5 software is very much different from version 4 and offers much more advanced features to the users. Its first advanced feature is that it allows the artists to apply envelopes to move its automation.

The music software comes up with more advanced and updated plugins. Scripting is integrated into version 5 which provides the environment for writing and debugging in LUA, Python and many other programming platforms.

This music software can be also used as a video editor by offering more advanced features. It allows you to control the output level of the multiple tracks and also applying changes in the tracks without messing up the tracks.



It adds MIDI controls and has got a pretty theme. It is completely a script development environment and is a powerful automated software and handles multichannel very well. The most exciting feature of this software is that the routing flexibility which allows the user to set up any route regime.


We won’t find this software in any of the music company and also the advertisements are not found in the magazine.

It is one of the best music production software both; for the professionals and the beginners and contains the detailed description of the music samples then allows the user to analyze the files and then easily manipulate the sound and the pitch with much more ease.

It has one of the best music mixing console and supports control surface automation and channel tracking.

It is a leader in loop-based music creation and contains more sophisticated software packages that contain more advanced features. It now includes a mixing console along with vertical faders.



The following music software is very much innovative in loop-based music creation and that is why it is the leader in this particular field. The software is designed with advanced features such as advanced MIDI supports, mixing features, workflow and advanced Acid pro 7 software. All these features make it unique from other music Softwares.


The only disadvantage of this software is that it lacks color and some screen elements are too small.

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It is a digital audio workstation designed for both Mac and Windows operating system that allows the user to create their own music.

It has been both developed and sold by Apple and allows the user to create their own multiple tracks through pre-defined MIDI keywords, pre-defined loops and the collection of various instrumental effects and recordings.

Currently, it is using the most updated version of the Garageband which is 10.0.3 which came into existence on 16 October 2014.

The new feature contains the most advanced features available to the user such as advanced touch support, advanced file management. It also includes the addition of the User Interface design and the best-updated plugins for the user.

Garageband 3 allows the user to use more than 200 effects and jingles and Garageband 4 includes chorus lines and the automation of the instruments and the creation and exploration of iPhone ringtones.

Garageband 5 includes music instruction and allows the user to buy instrumental videos. It includes more additional features in the instruments such as electric guitar and a virtual amplifier.



The music software is best suited for a beginner artist with the introduction of the fundamental aspects of computer music.


One is unable to change the tempo within a song. Though one can easily change it manually but dragging and then be converting it is quite difficult. The other disadvantage is the mixing of the two tracks in a single one which is also insufficient.

This particular music software is developed by a German company for the purpose of arranging, recording and editing the music.  This German company creates projects which allows the user to edit MIDI files and also some of the additional files such as lyrics and presenting them in a much more advanced way.

Like other music software, it has many versions and each version is better than the previous.

It also has virtual MIDI which allows the user to work with virtual music apps. The new feature also includes the collaboration with clouds and docked the windows with new lower zone providing access to MIDI editors.



The biggest advantage of this software is that it allows the user to create their own MIDI and audio files which are also one of the most advanced features of this software. One can easily create the project and can share with VST transits.

The software contains a wide range of tools for the artists through which they can easily make changes in their music.


There is a lack of some of the advanced plugins whose existence would make it more advanced and attractive.

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This music software is used to create music for arranging, recording and editing purpose and has been developed by one of the most trusted software company Presonus.

The early development of this software started back in 2006 in Kristal Labs Software.Ltd by Wolfgang Kundrus and Matthias Juwan. It is a compatible music software and easily works on Windows and OS X computers. It is for musicians who need basic recording features.

This software presents Studio One Prime for the beginners which contain unlimited tracks and updated plugins. Studio One Professional is one of the versions of this advanced software which is developed for the professionals only and features multitrack audio and recording files, easily automated instruments and video flashback.

It uses drop and drag extensively to import audio files and due to this feature, only one can easily invoke the virtual instruments. Studio One 2 came up with 100 more advanced and exciting features which include Melodyne pitch correction, transient detection, and multitrack comping.

Studio One 3 was developed with a new interface design, an updated browser as well as new instruments. The 64 bit sound quality software gives you the feeling of recording.



It has the best sound quality especially the sound modeling. It hastes the greatest workflow among all the digital audio workstations. It adds a new interface design which is easily understandable by the user and easier to use.


There is not a direct way to control volume and the different amplified device has its own power requirements.

This music software is developed by the developers of a Swedish Software Company. The music developed is meant for arranging and editing purpose.

It can be either used as a virtual studio or a virtual instrument which mimics live performances and therefore it has been used by the DJ’S. Its first version Reason 1.0 came up with a studio rack in which the user can easily insert the virtual instruments and then easily creates the music of their own choice.

Reason 6.5, 7 and 8 advances the software with the newest features such as the addition of the interface design along with the updated plugins which offer much more feature to the user.

Some of the rack extensions were developed during the version 8 and they are A-LIST ACOUSTIC GUITARIST, A-LIST CLASSIC DRUMMER, A-LIST POWER DRUMMER, A-LIST STUDIO DRUMMER, POP CHORDS AND POWER CHORDS.



One can easily create, arrange, edit and make changes in the music. It makes more music and the sound quality is amazing. More and a number of virtual instruments can be added.


For beginners, it might not be the best one.

Ardour is basically a hard disk recorder and is compatible with Linux, Mac, and Microsoft. The main features of this software include the recording, editing, mastering, and mixing of the music.

Its collaboration with JACK makes it a powerful mastering tool.

It relies on plugins to enable the features. The software takes advantage of the SMP and real-time features of this operating system.

Ardour supports exporting for the whole of the session while importing for more than 30 audio file formats. The newest version of this software includes the updating of the plugins and support a new tabbed interface.



It runs on Linux and is an open source software and its features include the flexible recording, editing, and arranging of music. It contains many numbers of soundtracks which offer a great choice before the artists.


Sometimes it performs very badly for the audio.

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This music software used for MIDI sequencer, virtual instrument host, non-linear video arranger, and the digital audio workstation is used as a recording system in windows.

The software comes up with major features such as adding images, video sequencing, editing, audio time stretching and pitch shifting.

The interface used in this software is user-friendly and is easier to understand and allows the artists to play virtual instruments. The most attractive feature of this software is that it allows you to create your own recordings from the multiple tracks and the software is based on clip arrangement.

Mixcraft studio was the first version of this software which was limited to 16 audio tracks, 6 virtual instruments, and 20 audio effects along with only 2000 loop samples. Due to these features, it is best suited for consumers who want to perform simple MIDI projects.

The features were further elongated when Mixcraft Recording Studio came into existence and this advanced software contains unlimited audio tracks, virtual instruments, audio effects, and loop samples and is meant for the professionals’ musicians.



It offers increased flexibility for the inputted tracks. It also affects plug-in support for better compatibility and supports MP4 and recording of live performances.


The software does not have its own loops. Its previous version is a lack of audio samples, audio loops, tracks, and virtual instruments.

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