If I ask you to name five most important daily need in your life, chances are High-Speed WiFi connection will be included in your list. According to a recent study, 40% of all of us view Wi-Fi as our most important daily need. While some may frown upon how there are other kinds of stuff that are more important, the fact is that the Internet has become integrated into our daily life.

Do you know what WiFi stands for? Most don’t, Wireless Fidelity is the most widely accepted definition of WiFi in the tech community. WiFi is a strange thing. While having WiFi is a boon, having slow WiFi is one of the cruelest torture. There are a variety of reasons why you might be experiencing slow WiFi speed. These can include the position of your router, the amount of wireless interference and noise, your neighbor’s wifi as well as your household usage. Some of the above-mentioned reasons for slow WiFi speed can be easily corrected to provide better speed, while for some there is nothing you can do.

In terms of the position of your router, it is generally accepted that the higher your router is placed, the better your wifi signal and speed. Similarly, materials such as concrete and metals have been known to block WiFi waves, so make sure that your WiFi router is not blocked by objects and electric devices. Further, your distance from your router plays a huge part in determining your WiFi strength and speed.


If you have microwave ovens, Bluetooth devices or even Christmas lights around your room, then these are the culprit for your slow WiFi speed. All these create their own electromagnetic field which interferes with your WiFi band. Similarly, the number of your close neighbors can cause interference. For a 2.4 GHz wireless signal (most common router broadcast frequency), there is typically only 14 channels to broadcast on. More than one router broadcasting on the same channel can result in interference and cause slow WiFi strength and speed.

And lastly, your own household use can adversely affect your WiFi speed. If you have a humongous download running on your PC and expect your mobile device to experience fast WiFi speed, needless to say, you are the cause of your own slow WiFi. Then the only way to speed up your WiFi is to stop your download. In cases where you have a ton of people using your WiFi, then the users take up all your bandwidth and as a result, if you are facing slow WiFi issues, then WiFiKill apk is the app for you.

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WiFiKill is a WiFi Network Controller application developed by the user “ponury”. With WiFiKill on your android device, you are able to view all other devices that are connected to the WiFi that you are currently using and kick them off the WiFi. So this is the reason why this app is a very useful tool for IT and tech people as well as pranksters around the world.

The simplest way to describe WiFiKill is “with this app, you can disable the internet connection for other devices on the same network”. When you run this app on your android device, you will be able to view a list of all devices that are connected to your current WiFi. This list includes all connected devices with their corresponding IP address, device name, and other manufacturer details. You can choose one device or all devices and kill their WiFi with the WiFiKill app.

WiFiKill app is a WiFi Network Controller application developed by the user “ponury

There are comments such as “WiFi Terrorism” that are being used to describe the app as you are able to kill the WiFi connection for all devices with this app. This is the reason why this app has been removed from the official android market.

To use the WiFiKill app, you will need SuperUser access. For this, you will need to root your android device. For the tech-savvy, rooting your android device is an easy task. For those who aren’t familiar with rooting an android device, you can use any of the rooting apps that are easily found on the market.

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You will not be able to find the WiFiKill app on the Google Play Store. Remember to not be fooled by similarly named apps on the Google Play Store, they are all fakes and scams.

You can download the WiFiKill apk by clicking here or from the developer’s forum http://forum.ponury.net

The app is only 10.1 MB in size so you can download the app easily without having to worry about your data charges.

You will also be able to view the different posts, FAQs as well as bug reports. You can further post your own view as well as bugs that you might encounter.


After downloading the WiFiKill apk, you need to enable third-party installations to install WiFiKill on your android device. To enable third-party installation, just go to your phone ‘settings’, tap on ‘applications’ and then tick the box for ‘third party installation’. There you have it, now you can install WiFiKill from the apk that you have just downloaded.

You can further download WiFiKill on your PC by using an android emulator. Just follow the same steps mentioned above on your PC through the android emulator and you will be able to download and install WiFiKill on your PC without any hassle.



WiFiKill is free to download. You will be able to basically kill the WiFi for all devices on your WiFi connection. However, the free version has advertisements (come on guys, the developer has to eat as well) and there is a 5 minute shut down.


With the Pro version, you will need to make a donation through PayPal and all the limitations mentioned above will be removed. So, first of all, download the free version of WiFiKill and check it out. If you liked it continue using the free version, and if you loved it, make a donation to the app developer and acquire the Pro version of WiFiKill.

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With WiFiKill, not only are you able to view the IP address, the device name and manufacturer’s details, you are also able to glean various additional information such as websites that have been visited by grabbed devices as well as showing the bytes transferred by the grabbed device.

This is especially useful if you are a parent who wishes to monitor what your children are using the home WiFi for. You will be able to find out what websites your child is using as well as what they are downloading as well. Operating WiFiKill is a piece of cake. Even without reading this section of the article, you can intuitively figure out how to use the app.


Upon starting the WiFiKill app, you will be requested to grant ‘SuperUser’ permission. You will need to grant SuperUser access as, without it, the WiFiKill application will not work. After the WiFiKill application has started, simply click the ‘Play’ icon located at the top of the screen. Upon the tap of the Play icon, the app will search for all devices that are connected to the same WiFi. Depending upon your android phone strength, this process might take a couple of minutes.

After all, devices have been searched, you will be listed all devices. Simply tap on the device that you want WiFiKill to kill the WiFi for and you are done. The selected device will still be connected to the router/WiFi, however, there will be no transfer of data and they will end up with a ‘Cannot Find Server’ and no internet connection.

If you wish to disable all devices that are logged into your WiFi connection, simply tap ‘Grab All’ on the bottom of the screen and tap ‘Kill All’. There you have it, you now know how to operate the WiFiKill application.

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If you have followed the above-mentioned steps on how to operate WiFiKill, you might be wondering how does this app work?

Well, it is pretty simple once you understand how the application works. The application basically sends ARP replies to all connected devices in the network fooling these into thinking your Android device is the router. Due to this, all connected devices try to connect to the network through your device and by basically dropping the packets from the device that you wish to kill WiFi for.

This is the reason why, even though disconnected devices are still connected to the WiFi, however, they do not enjoy any Internet access as their packets are simply dropped by your android device.

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We can all agree that the Internet is indispensable to our daily life and nothing is worse than a slow WiFi. With WiFiKill app, you can view all devices that are connected on your current WiFi network and kick them off. This way you can enjoy the bandwidth all by yourself and experience faster browsing and WiFi speed.

Note: Use WiFiKill on public WiFi such as School WiFi, Public WiFi or other public WiFis at your own risk. Doing so might be considered a cyber crime in certain areas so please make sure you know what you are doing.

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