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Easy tricks to get more likes on Instagram

According to PewResearch Center’s 2018 Social Media Update, over 32% of all internet users are on Instagram. Instagram has become the latest trend as a standard for your social standing, with the number of likes on our post tantamounting to our self-esteem and worth.

How to actually get more Likes for Instagram

This might be a form of narcissism yet it is present in all of us. Many sites and app claim to get more likes for your Instagram post, these are all SCAMS.I am here to give you the only solution to getting more likes on your Instagram posts.

Rising trend of scams on Instagram

The rising popularity of Instagram has created a huge platform for scammers and frauds. Let us look at InstLike as an example, InstLike is an app that came out for Android users on June 9 and iOS users on Sept 19 and was later banned by Google and Apple on Oct 25th and Nov 7th respectively.

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This app claimed, “Insert your username and password, and get free followers and Likes”. Upon downloading, the app asked for your username and password instead of using the Instagram API, turning users into willing participants of a huge network of the botnet.This might sound like a BIG red flag for most of us. Nonetheless, according to app store analytics website App Annie, InstLike hit No. 22 under most downloaded utility app in the App store, while in the Google Play store, InstLike had between 100,000 – 500,000 downloads with more than 1000,000 ratings.

instagram followers

This means that conservatively InstLike had access to at least 100,000 user login credentials. Using these credentials; InstLike would start liking photos and following people using the app, thus sustaining its pay-for-like/follow scam.

This app may have been removed from the App Store and Google Play Store, however, it is still available for download from its website InstLike.com and other apk downloading sites. Similarly, like InstLike, Instagram has had their fair share of scams as well.

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Only viable Solution (Only way to get more likes)

There are various means to achieve better photos and videos so that you acquire more likes on your posts. You can post better photos (posts that people will want to leave a like on), apply filters (to enhance your posts), post time consciously (no one will see your photos/videos if you post them at 4 am) and etc.

However, the only technical way for you to increase the number of Likes for Instagram is to increase its exposure. With the use of Hashtags; your post becomes available to a wider audience.

Let’s say, you post a photo of your cat ‘Fred’. With just the caption of ‘Fred’, you limit your exposure. Use hashtags such as ‘#Cat’, ‘#Cute Cat’ or ‘#Pet’ and all users who are currently searching for pet/cat/cute cat pics will be able to view your post, thus increasing your post exposure.

Hashtags are ‘metadata’ tags for social media. This allows users to create their own dynamic tags that enable users to easily find the post of specific topics or theme. Therefore, the use of hashtags for your post is essential to you reaching a wider audience and as a result, get more likes and followers on your Instagram.

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Likes for Instagram apk

Adding Hashtags to your post increases its visibility and this, in turn, increases your likelihood of getting more likes on your post. Yet, finding and using the perfect Hashtag for your post is a daunting task, especially if you are using it for the first time.

I have the perfect solution for you. Download Likes for Instagram and finds the ideal Hashtag for your posts. Now, don’t let the name of the app fool you. This is not a SCAM.

Likes for Instagram apk Likes for Instagram

Likes for Instagram is a Hashtag manager app. You can search for relevant hashtags using this app so that you can get the perfect hashtag for your photos and videos.In the app, you can select the correct category, find the most relevant hashtag, ‘copy’ and paste into your Instagram posts.

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Instagram has been on the rise and is the top social media networking app. It has perfectly captured the desires of us humans. With easy uploads for likes, appearing beautiful with filters and showcase travel with photo maps, our desire for attention is made easy by Instagram. However, this has created a niche market for immoral minds and there have been many cases of scams and digital identity theft preying on our desire for attention.

The only technical way to increase the number of likes and followers you have on Instagram is by using relevant hashtags. And Likes for Instagram is the perfect app to find the ideal hashtags for your Instagram posts.

So download Likes on Instagram and let me know what you think about it in the comment section below.

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