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The Most Common Performance Issues in Windows 10 and Solutions by OneClickHere.com

When it comes to advancements in computer technology, its evolution affects the software as much as it does the hardware with arguably Windows 10 being the most popular. Running in millions of electronic devices and machines today, this newest iteration of the popular operating system has been out for a while now and given everyone more than enough time to get to know not just its advantages and additional functionalities over its predecessor, but its quirks as well.

The Most Common Performance Issues in Windows 10 and Solutions by OneClickHere.com

While bugs, glitches, and requirements for a new system aren’t uncommon, being familiar with them can make all the difference in improving the experience of its utilization. Here are a few of the most common performance issues encountered in Windows 10 by OneClickHere.com.

Having the recommended system requirements

Before updating or installing Windows 10, it is a general rule of thumb to check and make sure that the computer actually meets its recommended system requirements, as slowdowns and other errors that can cause the machine not to function at its optimal settings can occur otherwise. Pay close attention to the storage space and the RAM which can be accessed simply by right-clicking on My Computer and choosing properties. An optimization software can also be used to collect information.

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Updating pre-existing programs

There’s a good chance that some applications and programs that you may have already been using prior to the upgrade won’t work or can be used properly. To this end, it always good common practice to keep them constantly updated as this will not only help with the enhancement and improvement of the programs but also to ensure that they’re compatible with the Windows 10 operating system.

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New applications and functions may not work perfectly

Usually, the main reason why operating systems are updated is to enhance the user experience through added functionality. However, they can often suffer bugs and glitches in their early stages. Since it can be a little tedious to browse the Internet for fixes and to download updates manually through the official website, a more pragmatic solution is to find an alternative while keeping the operating system’s auto-update feature on.

how to fix windows 10

Notification removal

One of the operating system’s newest features is its ability to notify the user of activities or updates available. The problem, however, is that a lot of these can be accumulated with things that you may not necessarily need. The good thing is that it can be easily turned off via the notifications and actions area of the settings.

There are many other common issues that can be a detriment to the overall experience of Windows 10 but they aren’t without their fair share of solutions. Putting in the time to do research isn’t only easy to do but can make all the difference.

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