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Top 10 Internet Browsers of 2019 (Updated)



The Internet is a big sea that you can explore best with internet browsers. With the rise in competition in the browsing business, we are left with plenty of options that can help us reach our desired results.

As of now web browsers have become quite popular be it either for use on desktops or on mobile phones. The main mission of these browsers is to offer a top-notch browsing experience to internet users. Browsers are the ubiquitous app that every internet users have it on his/her PC or Mobile.

With our comprehensive research, we bring you the list of the best web and mobile browsers that have rich features and are secure to use.

How we rank the browsers?

We executed certain tests on the browsers and not just once but thrice, to take an average and rank the following on the basis of their results. With plenty of software’s available to test on, we only used a few and also did a restart the computer before each test.

We used Google Octane to test areas such as code optimization, encryption and decryption, and array manipulation. Higher the score the better the browser is. We also performed tests in gaming environments with GUImark3 and Microsoft FishIE Tank (to test the number of fishes on the screen.)

We also did a test on “real mobile devices”, because there are many parts that cannot be emulated or faked. We tested on both iOS and Android to check how it is viewed on mobile devices. Tabs we choose were based on different categories such as search engines, gaming sites, media streaming sites, Webmail and news sites.

Here we have the best browsers ranked based as per their navigation speed, the time in loading websites, security settings, and overall user experience.

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1. Google Chrome

Since its inception in 2008, Google Chrome spread like a wildfire amongst its users and has been dominating the internet for being a notch above all other browsers present in the scene.

StatCounter: A web traffic analysis tool released its statistics in 2018, which showed that over 68% of users worldwide used Chrome as their main browser.

Google Chrome’s success is largely credited to its excellent qualities that include security, speed, new web-code standards, and simplicity. Chrome is compatible with all platforms and mobile devices.

It performs effortlessly on mobile devices offering to view favorite pages straight from the phone’s home screen. Chrome also supports parental controls for ensuring maximum efficiency.

google chrome

Chrome developed by internet giant Google with the targeted enhanced performance of web applications. Google Chrome grabs the first position among the top 10 internet browsers, which comes with an array of useful extensions that users can download for free and use them for their personal use.


2. Mozilla Firefox

Second, on the list of best internet browsers is Mozilla Firefox, perhaps the best if you are looking for a browser that is simple but flexible. Firefox is quite frequent with its updates and with its latest update, it promises to scroll between sites more rapidly. Firefox works conveniently across all platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux and does a fine job on Android and iOS devices.

Mozilla Firefox is in the limelight when it comes to web browser security and wide-ranging features when it comes to protection from various phishing schemes, viruses, and other common exploits.

Mozilla also provides a wide range of extensions like LastPass, Marker.io, Adblock plus and so on. Firefox as a browser is constantly making efforts to give users a modern touch with augmented and virtual reality focused Firefox Reality and Firefox Quantum.

However, there are cons that we had to encounter with Firefox, to name a few: The landing page is filled with ads and suggested links; the bookmarked webpages aren’t easy to find which becomes a difficult job when you look to find your favourite pages.

Recently, Firefox and Chrome removed their Stylish extension, after a few researchers claimed that this extension captures the user history.

morzilla firefox

It is one of the well-known internet browsers that includes an open architecture to accept the installation of extensions and themes. Additionally, the developers can also write extensions for making the browser perform functions as required.

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3. Opera Web Browser

Opera has come a long way to become one of the top 5 internet browsers among users. There are a plethora of reasons for switching to Opera from your present browser. A unique feature of this browser is that it can always render the pages in a faster way.

opera browser

It might not meet the level where Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are but still, the browser can be pretty handy while accessing the internet.

Adblocker usually come as extensions on other browsers, however, Opera boasts of a default inbuilt Adblocker which saves battery life on mobile devices and improves the user experience.

Do you want to watch a YouTube restricted video in your country? Worry not as opera provides a built-in VPN (Virtual Private Network), allowing you to browse the internet in a more private manner.

The browser has a built-in BitTorrent protocol that is simple to use and can be extremely useful for the torrent users. All these features separate Opera from the rest of the web browsers. Opera is also able to support extensions from Chrome.

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4. Safari Web Browser

Designed especially for MAC users, developed by the tech-giant Apple.Inc, Safari strives at providing excellence in the field of overall user experience.

Safari is a fast-paced browser that comes with features that present-day users require, such as popup blocking, built-in search functionality, and tabbed browsing.

Safari Web Browser

With more than 250 features, Safari gives an alternative way to the users for experiencing the internet. The browser, developed by Apple, offers an equal chance for Windows users. Moreover, it also has the best RSS-reading feature, making it easier to track the number of websites.

It provides a simple and clean interface with cross-platform support on iOS devices. One important feature is that you can import bookmarks from any other browser.

However, Safari suffers from the lack of customization options that its competitors offer.

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5. Microsoft Edge

Developed as the successor to the least popular default browser Internet Explorer for Windows; Edge is a graphical web browser launched by Microsoft included with Windows 10, Windows 10 mobile and Xbox. It is currently being rebuilt as a chromium based browser.

But still, users manage to go for alternatives while it has immense popularity among the majority of internet users.

Microsoft Edge

There are many features that allow it to enter the list of top internet browsers. Some of the top-class features of Edge are markups, reading view and Cortana integration.

With its high speed and improved security options, Edge is slowly being recognized as a very capable web browser.


6. Torch Internet Browser

Torch is a relatively new browser compared to other existing browsers featured in this list. This internet browser might sound new to you but when it comes to sharing something on social media this is the browser that you should have a go at.

Torch Internet Browser

It’s few stability issues do not deter users from using this browser. The reason why this app stands out of the crowd because this has its own music app.

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7. Sea Monkey

The Sea monkey internet browser is the perfect combination of features that give you facilities like having an email client, built-in chat, and diverse browsing capabilities. Below are the following things you should know about this browser.

It comes with add-ons and extensions compatible with Mozilla Firefox and provides a range of features in a single application.

Sea Monkey’s startup speed is sluggish and its interface is outdated. So, if speed is your first priority, this is not the one that you are looking for.

Sea Monkey


8. Maxthon 

Maxthon can easily work with your phone and laptop simultaneously and that’s where it gets the edge over other browsers. At the start, Maxthon seems trivial and not too flashy but when it comes to synchronizing multiple devices, it works really well.

Drag and drop image option really works and you can simply transfer the images from your system to mobile devices without any glitch.


Below are some of the takeaways that you should take a look at:

It keeps the PC’s working condition optimized and does not slow the overall performance. Maxthon provides the feature of storing data via cloud storage which allows ease of accessibility across all platforms.

If you travel a lot and get across multiple devices then this browser is certainly built for you as it synchronizes perfectly with one device to another.

However, Maxthon lacks features like voice assistant and open source development. It does not provide a wide range of extensions.

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9. Avant Browser Build 

Avant offers a decent performance along with features like tabbed browsing, RSS feeds and on page functions. However, it faces minor stability issues and browsing speed issues.

Avant Browser Build 

Obviously, this internet browser falls short in comparison to other higher ranked internet browsers, but you can give it a try if you want to do some experiment with browsing.


10. Vivaldi

Taking the last spot is Vivaldi, which is a lightweight, open source Chromium web browser which takes up space of only 38 MB; whereas other browsers occupy around 300 to 400MB.

Vivaldi is powered by the Blink engine, the same that works on Chrome. A great feature that comes in handy while opening multiple tabs is the Tab Stacking, allowing you to have different stacks for social media and work-related tabs. Vivaldi comes with a bar on the left side which reduces screen space by default. Overall, this is a decent browser.

The flaws that we had with Vivaldi was that it comes with a bar on the left side that covers and reduces the screen space.


The browser is supported on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

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With the endless competition in the browsing world what really separates Puffin from the crowd is its implementation of encrypted cloud servers to enhance webpage loading performance and reduced bandwidth use.

The use of cloud servers acts as a proxy server as the cloud server’s IP address is reflected.

Another prominent feature of this browser is its support of Adobe Flash on all versions of Android. The privacy mode of this browsing application allows you to secure your private data from unauthorized access.



The most attractive part of Dolphin is the use of multi-touch features for ease of navigation. Dolphin is rather competitive in many ways allowing the user to handle their private information and a secure management to their password. It also boasts of fast content loading speeds, Adblock, and an HTML5 video player.



Ghostery focuses on the aspect of enhanced security features for users. It improves your overall experience by blocking third-party tracking devices.

Ghostery has an advanced search engine which provides three dynamic search cards as the user begin to type into the address bar.

The app is not so quick and is practically meant for security purposes but if you want to enhance your speed then delete some of your browsing histories and then enjoy the high speed.


4. Phoenix Browsers

Phoenix is yet another mobile web browser that performs seamlessly on smartphones with features like video download, data saving features, ad-blocking and many more. The No Image mode on Phoenix saves data when you are on poor network connection by disabling images and videos. Although it is not that quite powerful when compared to other browsers but performance-wise it is pretty decent.

Phoenix Browsers Phoenix Browsers

There are other internet browsers available online, but I believe these are the browsers that would satiate all your requirements.

If you are looking for something specific in your browser, let us know in the comments section below, we would respond to you as soon as possible.

Top Internet Browsers of 2018



Well, there are a number of browsing apps that are known for its high-speed connectivity and multi-features offered to the user and it would be difficult to say which one is the best.

Choosing one from the bunch of best browsers with each one outperforming the other is rather a fight in our mind and after a continuous tiring, we arrive at a particular decision.

The above article is the detail description of the browsing apps that would ease your difficulty. But I can say that Google Chrome would be the best choice.


Finding the best one is often a very difficult task as so many options are available before us. But here are the best mobile browsers that will definitely ease your task. They are Brave Browser, Chrome, Dolphin Browser, Firefox and much more.


Some of the best browsers for windows include Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Torch Browser.


Out of the many which we have mentioned, Puffin and Chrome would provide an overall enhanced user experience to Android users.

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